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If you are interested in supporting the Wisconsin protestors by donating food, here's some information on how to do that reposted with permission from [ profile] cabell:

PLEASE HELP US. You can donate food to protesters by calling Ian's Pizza at (608) 442-3535. They've completely shut down their storefront to focus on feeding us:

Straight2YourDoor, a delivery service that coordinates with about 30 restaurants in the vicinity of the Capitol building alone, has kindly set something up to help people donate other food to protesters (we love Ian's, but some of us are pretty sick of pizza) via any of those restaurants, and provided a $3 off coupon code (killthebill). Instructions on how to use it here, at my other blog:

You can also send fruits and veggies from Madison Fresh Market (608-287-0000) or Capitol Centre Market (608-255-2616).

NON-FOOD DONATIONS: The Teaching Assistants Association is taking donations for Capitol clean-up/maintenance & rally organizing here:

If you don't live in Wisconsin, this should still be of utmost concern to you. If Wisconsin falls, you're next.


Date: 2011-02-23 10:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
A story of my journey in trying to find out what this is all about.

The helpdefendwisconsin doesn't give details. Going down to the fine print and finding the defendwisconsin link, I'm greeting with the transcript of a prank call against the governor. I can't say I'm impressed, but I review what else is going on. The next two things I see are recent videos and local organization supporters, so I keep going down. So where's the blurb about what they're fighting. I head back up the page on the right and there's a link to the dry version of the bill in PDF, ... yeah, I'm not reading through that entire thing just to see what the big hoopla is about. Keep going up... a calendar, twitter, two donation buttons, and yet another calendar, but still no "What this is all about" blurb.

Oh, wait, that third image/link/text after the recent videos and local organization supporters says "Budget Repair Bill Talking Points" ... Well finally. *click* Oh, wall of text, but there's some bold stuff to grab my attention. Read the first half a dozen lines of bold text and it's nothing but a bunch of hollow talking points, none of which says something along the lines of "He's taking away X, which we need for Y reason." ... Oh, wait, the 7th one, almost off the bottom of my screen, does. But it doesn't give any facts. ...

.... never mind. They lost me, and they're not even the ones supposed to be making it hard for me to support their cause. bleh.

Someone needs to donate a better Public Relations and Marketing person.

Date: 2011-02-28 02:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
In this case the links were primarily intended for those already familiar with the protests, but you make a valid point that they should do a better job of presenting information about the protests.


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